Winter 2015/2016 Season Information

CRHL members,

We are constantly exploring options to reduce the amount of late games in the fall/winter season, as feedback indicates the late times are quite a hassle. Due to this, we are exploring the possibility or renting some ice early Friday nights, to help alleviate late starts. This is a distinct change from our “no games Friday-Saturday” model, but we feel that given the feedback, it could be very beneficial. We are still waiting to see our facility bookings, so we are unable to confirm whether this is in effect or not. Any feedback regarding this is greatly appreciated.

Prior to the fall/winter season beginning, we will also be making improvements to some elements on our website. This includes creating a more responsive and helpful payment gateway, more photos, and an attempt to make the site faster and more responsive. We hope that this enhances the CRHL experience without changing the process.

We are proud to announce our information and strategy for the upcoming season with two options:

$500 due upon registration to guarantee spot. $500 deposit is included in the following pricing options.

Option 1 (all up front):

$5,975 by August 31st ($300 savings)

Option 2 (payment plan):


$500 upon registration

$3,000 by September 18

$2,775 by November 30

League benefits and partners to be announced at a later date; all new teams to receive FREE pucks and water bottles. Replacement pucks and water bottles will be available to ALL RETURNING teams.

League Start Date: September 13th

Registration Open: June 29th

Registration Closed: September 4th

We hope to have you all back for the Fall/Winter 2015-2016 season! As always, feel free to contact the Convenor with any questions or feedback!

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