Winter Registration Is Open!!

The top league in west-end Ottawa is open for business for Winter 2019/2020! Get your team organized!

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Winter 2018/19 Keg Winners

Congrats to the 6 keg winners for the CRHL Winter season! We had an outstanding season; thanks to all the teams that participated.

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Congrats to the Boozlers, June's Team of the Month and winners of a $200 gift certificate/card to D'Arcy McGees!


Play for Stanley's Keg!

Early bird discount and Sens tickets draw!

18 regular season, 4 playoff games guaranteed

Division finals are a two game series, in addition to guaranteed games

Only at most 4 of 22 games will start at 11 pm or 11:15 pm all season!

No games over Christmas holidays, or on Thanksgiving, Super Bowl or Grey Cup Sundays, or Easter!

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