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Fall & Winter 2015/2016 Registration OPEN

The CRHL has officially opened it’s doors for Fall & Winter business! Come play in one of Ottawa’s strongest adult hockey league’s, for the best price in the city! REGISTER … Read more

Winter 2015/2016 Season Information

CRHL members, We are constantly exploring options to reduce the amount of late games in the fall/winter season, as feedback indicates the late times are quite a hassle. Due to … Read more

Winter 2014/2015 Season Winners!

Here are your Winter 2014/2015 season winners! Div 1: BAR DEEZY Div 2: OTTAWA SHOKCERS Div 3: KGB Div 4: BYTOWN BARNMUCKERS Div 5: PTERAMACHTYLS Div 6: ACCRUAL JOKE Div … Read more

Mid-Season Alignment and Winter Season

CRHL members! The mid-season alignment is currently being completed and the second half of the regular season schedule will be posted the week of June 15-19. I will send out … Read more