Team Representative Meeting Notes

Thank you to all the team representatives (especially the teams from the East!) who were able to attend the meeting last week. Here are some of the highlights from the meeting:

  • CRHL has changed Referee-in-Chief. Pat Frost will now be directing our referees and he will be available for direct contact for feedback purposes
  • All players that set foot on the ice for a CRHL game must sign a waiver. This can either be done on the team waiver sheet with the grid at the back, or on the single waiver sheet for spares. Once completed it is to be handed into the timekeeper at your first game
  • There will be an alignment at the end of the exhibition season as well as during the Christmas break
  • We will continue with the one-assist system to ensure quality is maintained with the statistics
  • Team representatives are asked to be more diligent with signing off on the gamesheets and checking the team roster more thoroughly. There will be no more last minute requests entertained with player eligibility come playoffs. Players must play in 7 of the 16 regular season games.
  • Injuries that occur during the year must be declared before playoffs arrive. Last minute additions due to injury will not be entertained this season.
  • The Convenor requires a 2 week notice to reschedule a game
  • The schedule will be released the evening Tuesday September 9th. Games will begin September 14th so assume you will be playing that date.
  • Jerseys must be of matching colour and players must have different numbers.
  • Benefits at Pro Hockey Life and Boston Pizza are listed HERE

Any questions can be directed to the Convenor

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