March MVP

For the month of March, a Division 1 player takes home the honours. Glenn Noonan has been with the Maniacs since the beginning, and has been a large contributor to their success. Here’s some more on Glenn from team captain Mike Byrne:

Glenn has made big strides from the 2014/2015 winter season, during which he accumulated 39 penalty minutes. This year, Glenn has reduced that to only 9 minutes, something that likely helped the Maniacs improve their regular season record from last year.

Glenn is also the teams’ skate boy. After each game, the boys all throw their skates in Glenn’s bag, and he brings them to get them sharpened. Although this may seem small, it is certainly very convenient.

Perhaps his biggest role on the team however, is keeping his older brother L’ee in check. L’ee, who is arguably the Maniacs weakest player, often lets emotions get the best of him. But Glenn has been there to ensure L’ee keeps his cool.

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