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In light of the recent decision handed down by courts in regards to Gordon MacIsaac and Drew Casterton, much attention has been brought to adult hockey at the recreational level. Hockey is a fast, exciting, and physically engaging sport, even at the non-contact level. However, intentional and aggressive violence is not tolerated at any level of the sport, especially in a non-contact, adult recreational league. We cannot comment on the court decision itself as our involvement with the league did not begin until January 2014 and the incident occurred in 2012. But we support steps that make our leagues safer and all players being held accountable for their actions. We wish Drew Casterton a full and speedy recovery and that this matter is resolved quickly and fairly for all parties.

The Ottawa Senior Men’s Hockey League had been in operation since 1996, and had since grown from 10 teams to over 120. In January of 2014 when it became obvious that the OSMHL was in serious financial trouble and in need of new management, the CRHL was formed to fill the gap and provide a better, more satisfying, and safer hockey league for recreational players in Ottawa. The CRHL was launched with the intention that the new league would provide new opportunities which represent the best interests of our player base and future partners.

Capital Recreation Hockey League will be running it’s winter season striving to provide every player with the best hockey experience. This includes thorough and strict enforcement of the discipline policies to ensure every player and staff member is safe; unacceptable conduct will be disciplined appropriately. Additionally, we caution all participants to be aware that they are responsible and accountable for their actions. We do not feel that an isolated incident should negatively affect recreational hockey participation if the proper steps for safety and discipline are taken, which we will continue to do. This is Canada after all, and hockey is in our nature. We look forward to another successful winter season, filled with new partnerships and great hockey moments.

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